Drinking Coffee – Are There Any Benefits of Coffee?

YES there are!

As funny as that sounds, there are many health benefits of drinking coffee. To the most of you, drinking coffee will come naturally much like brushing your teeth or taking your morning bath.

However you are left with a moral predicament in which you have till now wrestled with the knowledge in your head that in the most part coffee is bad for you. If this is your case then you can stop being paranoid every time you sip in your cappuccino

There are many health benefits that come of drinking coffee. Here are a few of those. Coffee is a natural pain killer and analgesic, it can help relieve headaches. The tannins in coffee can prevent and even reduce dental plaque and caries from forming.

Another benefit of coffee is that it reduce the possibility of diabetes by as much as half in a person. However the most astonishing fact about the benefits that coffee has to offer is that it is one of the most potent sources of antioxidants which are known. In fact the majority of the Americans are known to take in their daily dose of antioxidants from caffeine and not fruits and vegetables.

Drinking coffee can turn into a problem if you If your daily consumption is more than 5 or 6 cups a day. In such extreme cases the lining in the stomach can get damaged and lead to ulcers in the stomach and other gastric problems. Coffee is also not recommended to pregnant women.


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